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    Information in English

    Rembjers Traffic School is located in Solna, right next to Solna Centrum near both buses, metro and commuter trains. We are a well-established school owned by Lars Rembjer. The first school opened in 1954 by Lars’s father Olle Rembjer. Throughout the past 50 years, thousands of drivers have taken their driver’s license with us.

    Our education is tailored to provide you with all the necessary knowledge, and is based on years of experience as well as the latest findings in driver education. We have a dedicated teaching staff with both male and female teachers. In addition, we can offer specialized expertise for you with dyslexia or NPF. Our talented receptionists constantly strive to provide you with great service.

    The school’s cars are Mercedes and Volkswagen with manual or automatic gearbox. One of our automatic cars is equipped with hand controls for gas and brake, as well as a steering wheel knob with electric controls. The cars are chosen with great care. They are comfortable and easy to operate, with great visibility. All of our cars are also equipped with a breath test, in accordance with STR’s regulations.

    Over the years, we have had the privilege of guiding thousands of students to a driver’s license. We look forward to helping you, too!

    We are affiliated with the Swedish Traffic Schools’ National Association (STR).

    Driving Permit
    You need to apply for a driver’s permit before you are allowed to practice your driving skills. The application contains two parts, a health declaration form and a vision test. The health declaration form can be filled out online here ( We can test your vision here at school.

    Theory and practice go hand in hand. Therefore, it is beneficial to study the theory parallel with your driving lessons. We can offer you a complete theory package, which costs SEK 2,690. It includes everything you need to be prepared for the theory exam. The theory package is valid as long as you are active at the school.

    It is possible to finance your driver’s licence in different ways. For example, we can help you apply for a loan through Resurs Bank or Wasa Kredit. If you fulfill certain conditions you can also apply for a loan through CSN and Unionen. You can read more about the conditions at CSN ( and Unionen ( Customer service helps with the application.

    Intensive Driving Practice
    Everyone wishes that the road to the driver’s license should be as short as possible. However, not everyone has the time, finances or dedication required to complete the education in a short period of time. An intensive education is not a shortcut to the driver’s license, but just what it sounds like – an intensive education where you focus on the driver’s license for a short period of time. It is about driving lessons several times a day, as well as intensive theory studies.

    Ordinary education but at a more intense pace. One advantage of intensive training is that you do not lose the driving experience between driving the occasions. In addition, it can be a motivational factor to feel that the driver’s license is within reach. Intensive training usually takes 2 – 6 weeks (or 20 – 60 driving lessons) depending on your prior knowledge. The cost of intensive education is not higher than for traditional education.

    Intensive training is best for those who…
    – Have a driver’s permit
    – Dedicate a large amount of time on driver’s license training
    – Can pay the entire education in a short time
    – Is a fast learner
    – Wants to get started as soon as possible

    How much does a driver’s license cost?
    This is probably the most common question we get. This question is not easy to answer. We are all different and have different experiences. Our goal is to work efficiently and purposefully without sacrificing any of the required elements. In the end, you should feel safe and secure when you get behind the wheel, as well as have the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary.

    Below you will find our price list of theory and driving lessons. In addition to driving and theory training, the Swedish Transport Administration’s fees and fees for Risk courses are added.

    Theory (digital material) 950:-
    Questions (digital material) 500:-
    Book package English 1050:-

    45 min 850:-
    70 min 1320:-
    70 min evening/weekend 1590:-

    Intensive driving
    1 week (4 lessons/week) 45 min 3.195:-
    1 week (4 lessons/week) 70 min 4.995:-
    2 weeks (4 lessons/week) 45 min 6.390:-
    2 weeks (4 lessons/week) 70 min 9.990:-
    4 weeks (4 lessons/week) 45 min 12.695:-
    4 weeks (4 lessons/week) 70 min 19.900:-
    4 weeks (4*45 and 4*70 lessons/week) 29.995:-

    Country Road (about 4 hours) 2290:-
    Risk course 1 (the course is in Swedish, but it is possible to bring a translator) 1250:-
    Risk course 2 (Gillingebanan or Bromma Halkbana) 2190:-
    Educational control (Mock driving exam) 1590:-
    Car rental and teacher at school exam 1590:-
    Registration fee (with login at Elevcentralen) 250:-

    In addition to the above costs, the Swedish Transport Administration’s mandatory fees for driving permit, theory test, driving test and production of the driving license are added.

    Cancellation without charge is only accepted according to the current cancellation policy. Cancellations are done online (Elevcentralen), by telephone or at the reception. Neither answering machine nor e-mail are approved ways to cancel through. This is because of the dispute that may arise if we cannot refer to who received your cancellation information.

    • Driving lesson 1 working day before, 13:00 o’clock at the latest.
    • Country road, educational control: 2 working days before, 13:00 o’clock at the latest.
    • Theory and driving exam: 2 working days before, 12:00 o’clock at the latest.
    • Risk course 1, Risk course 2, Introductory course: 3 days before the booked date.

    If you become ill, it is important that you cancel your lesson. To avoid being charged for the lesson, you have to provide us with a note from your healthcare provider. This needs to be done within two weeks.

    Theory and driving exam
    We will help you book a time for your theory and driving exam. Please note that the times are preliminary until you have passed your educational test here at the school. You need to have finished the theory online and at least 10 final tests at Elevcentralen 1 week before your theory test. If this is not done the theory test is moved forward. This can result in the driving test being moved forward as well.

    Ångerrätt e-handel
    Som konsument (privatperson) har du 14 dagars ångerrätt från det att du har tagit emot en vara vi har skickat till dig. Ångerrätten regleras i Distans- och hemförsäljningslagen (2005:59). Enligt 4 § i denna lag gäller inte ångerrätten distansavtal om bland annat:
    • En tjänst och fullgörandet har påbörjats med konsumentens samtycke under ångerfristen, till exempel abonnemang.
    • En vara som på grund av sin beskaffenhet inte kan återlämnas eller som snabbt kan försämras eller bli för gammal.
    • En förseglad ljud- eller bildupptagning eller ett förseglat program och förseglingen har brutits.
    Ångerrätt gäller inte företag, samt endast om varan är i väsentligen oförändrat skick. Detta innebär att produkten skall kunna säljas som ny till nästkommande kund, utan att denne reagerar på att produkten ser använd ut. Du står för returfrakten vid åberopande av ångerrätt. För att undvika problem när du vill utnyttja ångerrätten, tag kontakt med kundtjänst innan du skickar tillbaka varor. Ångerrätten omfattar inte varor som inhandlas på våra skolor, utan avser endast e-handel.

    Vid åberopande av ångerrätt:
    • Meddela vår kundtjänst inom 14 dagar från det att du har mottagit beställningen eller del av den att du avser utöva din ångerrätt.
    • Returnera varan komplett i produktkartong, om möjligt med ursprungligt emballage, snarast efter att du meddelat oss om att avtalet frånträds. Annat ytteremballage går givetvis bra det också, så länge som varan inte riskerar att skadas i transport
    • Bifoga kontouppgifter för återbetalning. Återbetalning sker inom 30 dagar från det att varan mottagits av oss.
    • Varan ska vara komplett. Detta innebär att alla tillbehör ska finnas med i returen.
    Vi förbehåller oss rätten att debitera självkostnadspris för de saknade delarna i de fall returen ej är komplett. Vi löser ej ut paket mot postförskott. Ej uthämtad försändelse betraktas inte som utnyttjande av ångerrätten.

    For underage students, the consent of the plaintiff is required for them to purchase services from us.

    Payment options are available through financing from Wasa Kredit or Resurs Bank. Customer service helps with the application.

    We reserve the right for different terms and conditions in connection with promotions, price adjustments and other changes in our terms of payment and refunds.

    Contract Changes
    Contract changes are announced by having to accept our terms again despite having done so before.

    More information:
    The road to a Swedish driving licence

    Driving Licence – do you know what applies?–do-you-know-what-applies/

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